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The Advantages of Battery Power


One of the important parameters of an audio system is the relative noise and interference levels. The lower these levels are the wider the dynamic range of the devices, the more accurate the sound recreation.

In low frequency amplifiers interference can be created by the electromagnetic fields of the ac power supply circuits and transformers, pulses in the supply voltage (50Hz ac background), computers, electromagnetic fields from radio and TV transmitters, mobile phones, etc.

One of the best methods to minimise the above interferences and noise is to use batteries for low-power preamplifiers.

The CT 100 preamp has 40dB gain at 98dB signal/noise and 80dB gain at 71dB signal/noise. This can be achieved only with well filtered power supply. The transformer is well shielded, when the whole supply unit is fit in one box, alternatively the transformer is placed separately. DACT offers a power supply module CT 102, but it can be expensive and requires a transformer.

The battery power supply for the preamplifiers in the High End industry is not particularly developed, although it offers zero interference and noise, can maintain very stable voltage, there is no signal modulation over the power supply and the sound is very good.