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  • GG Audio Design is a small and very flexible firm for design and manufacturing of audio equipment. The products are made in small series and mostly to individual orders.




GG Audio Design made further advances in the development of High-End Audio Products. We are now developing high quality Digital to Analog Converters, aimed to enable maximum performance with the CD media. While some may believe that this audio format has exhausted its capabilities and has reached its limitations, experience indicates that the 25-year old technology, can reach and even exceed the quality of new audio formats, depending on the precision of the design and building of the Hi-Fi equipment for reproducing of the CD-recorded sound. Another good reason for investing our efforts in this area is that the Compact Disk still dominates the audio media market, offering very good quality/price ratio. In addition, it is expected that most music lovers, will not spend unnecessary time and effort to convert hundreds of disks into another format and will remain faithful to their treasured CD collections.

What are we trying to achieve?

We at GG Audio Design set our efforts on the precision of the design and the construction of our new line of products for reproducing high-quality digital audio. With attention to every detail contributing to the signal reproduction we aim for a sound as close to the original as possible.

How do we achieve our goals?

We concentrate in equal parts on both the analog and the digital part of the digital audio equipment. A perfectly designed analog circuit will only deliver as good a signal as provided by its digital source. This is why we aim to design an equally perfect digital part matching the full capabilities of the analog stages.

Our products

GG Audio Design is creating a Digital to Analog Converter which implements our philosophy of matching perfection of the digital and the analog parts. Prototypes have been designed and thoroughly tested to select the most suitable high quality components for the implementation of our solution. For example each DAC uses 4-7 high performance voltage regulators in the digital part only. Ultra-fast, low-noise and high quality components are used to ensure minimal jitter and optimal overall performance of the equipment. Special care has been taken for the models with the valve output stage the valve circuits are very carefully designed and constructed with selected components.