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  • GG Audio Design is a small and very flexible firm for design and manufacturing of audio equipment. The products are made in small series and mostly to individual orders.




Passive controller GG-PC1












The passive controllers become increasingly popular with high-end audio systems. They are aimed at audio-enthusiasts, who would not need a remote control, would not use long interconnecting cables and whose main goal is the best sound quality.

The passive controller does not contain active components (transistors, integrated circuits, etc.) and transformers. It does not use a power supply and can substitute the traditional pre-amplifier. Today many signal sources, such as a CD player, have sufficiently high output signal level (1.5V). Such a source feeds directly most output amplifiers and with its minimal number of elements has does not affect the quality of the sound.

Some of the significant advantages of the passive controller are:

•  Low cost – even the highest quality passive controller is less expensive than any pre-amplifier

•  Avoids the non-linear distortions and noise introduced by pre-amplifiers – even the best pre-amps ‘colour' and distort the sound

In many cases with a passive controller the sound is as good as or better than with the best pre-amplifier. The main requirement is the cable connecting the source and the passive controller to be as short as possible and with low capacity.


Passive controller PC-1 provides the basic functions: volume control and input selection. It has two pairs of inputs, connected directly to a switch selecting between the two inputs. Through an attenuator (high-quality potentiometer from ALPS), acting as volume control the signal is connected directly to output ports that can be plugged directly to the input of the output amplifier, in this case the GG-SE10. Such direct coupling saves a pair of expensive cables and ensures high signal quality. Passive controller PC-1 is designed specifically for use with power amplifier GG-SE10.


Technical Specifications

Input (1-2) impedance 10 kOhm

Main out impedance sourse impedance

Inputs 2 (two) unbalanced - RCA

Output 1 (one) unbalanced-RCA

Dimensoins(overall ) 65 x 100 x 50 mm

Weight 350 g