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GG-BPP1 is a two-channel phono preamplifier with very precise RIAA frequency response and battery power supply. It uses a modular unit NLE 17 RIAA Amplifier (DACT CT 100) by the Danish company DACT. (For more details about RIAA - click here.)

The CT 100 module is realised with some of the best semiconductor components and non-inductive, low-noise SMD metal film resistors. The preamp is intended for the two types, Moving Coil (MC) and Moving Magnet (MM) phono cartridges, connected directly without the presence of an impedance transformer. The input load impedance for the MC/MM cartridges and the value of the nominal input level are very easy to set. This is done with DIP switches. The impedance and capacitance loads can be adjusted separately also during listening. The preamplifier parameters can be configured easily to match the specifics of the cartridge, through optimising the impedance and the capacitance for any input, by ear. The high output level matches that of CD players.


Characteristics of the phono preamplifier

  • Compact design. Dual-mono. Very low noise
  • Balanced output option
  • Non-inductive low noise SMD metal film resistors
  • Input accepts moving coil/moving magnet (MC/MM) cartridges directly without step-up transformer
  • Input loading 10 Ohm to 47kOhm for MC/MM selectable in 21 steps
  • Input nominal levels 0.1mV to 10mV selectable in 34 steps
  • High output drive. Balanced 18V. Unbal. 9V
  • High accuracy RIAA equalization with 0.05dB tolerance
  • Additional time constants of 3.18uS and/or 7950uS are selectable
  • Total harmonic distortion 0.0003%
  • Low output impedance - drives long signal cables
  • High output current capability - drives even high impedance headphones
  • Two-stage dual-supply voltage regulator on- board for each channel. Separate DC supply input for each channel (dual mono)

  • The construction of GG-BPP1


    The chassis and the box of the preamplifier are made of high quality steel and aluminium materials, designed to preserve the sound quality and with aesthetically appealing finish.

    A specially designed removable plate on the top cover provides easy access to the switches for setting the input resistance, capacitance and signal level.

    The overall dimensions of GG-BPP1 are 170x100x3100mm (WxHxD) and its weight is 5kg.

    The CT 100 module is powered by two built-in rechargeable batteries 12V (2.3Ah).
    For more details and the advantages of battery supply - click here  

    The preamp can work continuously for around 24 hours. Full recharging takes 5 hours. Charging is turned off automatically, which is signalled with a light indicator on the front panel. During charging the preamp is automatically powered down.


    Rear panel of GG-BPP1




    Easy access for setting the input resistance and capacitance.